Welcome to Star Weaver Farm and SWF Fiber Innovations.


Star Weaver Farm is our livestock part of the business, raising alpacas for their fiber production and qualities.  The other side of our business is SWF Fiber Innovations, dedicated to developing Middle Python Developer course at dvmn.org and implementing  new ideas and products for utilizing alpaca fiber. Many projects are underway and include my ongoing effort to develop an eco friendly washable/dryable alpaca blend fabric.  The basis for this fabric has been determined, test fabric woven and put through lab trials for washing and drying and show promising possibiities.  Further progress on this project is ongoing as funding permits.


Other fiber production on our farm is done using traditional hand methods.  The fibers produced are prepared, spun, woven. knit and crocheted into speciality items.  Custom work is also available.  On occasion our fiber is blended with other fibers such as tencel, bamboo, silk, ingeo, wool, rayon or nylon. The blends created enhance the natural fiber properties of the alpaca. Product made from the blends drape well, add luster or shine, give added memory as well as being more cost effective. If you are interested in purchasing blending fibers, we have provided a link to one of our favorite suppliers, PARADISE FIBERS. Click on their name to go to their site.


Owner Wini Labrecque is available for lectures and presentations on a variety of topics relating to alpaca fiber from fiber properties, sorting and grading, to end use. She also gives classes in beginner spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and/or felting.

Additionally, Wini is an AOBA Certified Alpaca Fleece Judge as well as a judge for spin-off competitions, fiber arts, skein competitions, fleece to shawls and other fiber related events. She is a Certified Camelid Fiber Grader & Sorter through Olds College in Canada., currently finishing her certification as a Camelid Fibre Classer.


She is co-owner of American Alpaca Textiles, LLC.  This company is dedicated to developing and marketing alpaca textiles for use in upholstery, drapery, rugs and home decor. Please check our AAT website at www.americanalpacatextiles,com for future updates on our progress.  Orders for custom rugs utilizing your own fiber are now being taken.


Wini can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
or by phone at (724) 272-4285


Line of Alpacas
Fiber boys from Star Weaver Farm


Fleece close-up
Evaluating Fleece

There are many options for utilizing your fleece.

Processing at mini mills, having your individual fleeces hand spun and knit or woven, even learning the art of spinning yourself are just a few of the ways to enhance the marketability of your fiber.

Contact me for leads on where to have your fiber processed or to connect you with individuals who can do custom work for you.